General Corporate and Foreign

Our lawyers have assisted clients on large-scale commercial transactions that include the establishment of equity and co-operative joint ventures, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, and other investment arranges such as regional headquarters and holding companies in China. 

Scope of Service:

√  Due diligence;
√  Investment planning;
√  Establishment of foreign enterprises and representative office;
√  Consulting services of foreign exchange;
√  Taxation planning;
√  Consulting services of human resource;
√  Importing and exporting of equipment and products.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our lawyers advise public companies, private equity and investment banks as well as smaller private companies in all business sectors in relation to disposals, and merger and acquisition transactions, corporate finance matters.

Scope of Services:

√  Initial investment structuring and due diligence;
√  Ongoing legal and compliance advice;
√  Taxation planning;
√  Domestic and cross border mergers and acquisitions.

Banking and Finance

We provide sophisticated legal services to foreign and domestic banks, leasing companies, investment banks, and other financial institutions.

Scope of Services:

√   Unsecured and secured loan facilities;
√   Commercial paper and letters of credit;
√   Financing leasing;
√   Insurance;
√   Trust products;
√   Project finance;
√   Interbank Bond Market.

Employment and Human Resources

We offer corporate clients sophisticated, and cost-effective nationwide representation.

Scope of Services:

√  Drafting and reviewing employment contracts;
√  Compliance review of internal regulations;
√  Advising on employee settlement plan and severance;
√  Representing clients in labor arbitrations and litigations.
Dispute Resolution

We provide a full range of dispute resolution services in China and in China-related matters, including arbitration, litigation and mediation.

Scope of Services:

√  Commercial lending transaction disputes;
√  Investment disputes;
√  Property transaction disputes;
√  Domestic trade disputes;
√  International trade disputes;
√  Leasing disputes;
√  Intellectual property disputes;
√  Franchising disputes;
√  Civil disputes;
√  Criminal cases.
Real Estate

We offer expert service in all aspects of real estate acquisition, development, financing, investment, ownership, leasing, operation and construction.

Scope of Services:

√  Granting and transfer of land-use rights;
√  Development;

  Property leasing;
  Property development finance;
  Housing loan against mortgage;
√  Property management.
Securities and Capital Markets

We advise issuers and underwriters on a broad range of domestic and international private and public offerings. We have established good working relations with securities regulators and stock exchanges of many countries and regions, as well as with renowned domestic and overseas investment banks, accounting firms and other service providers.

Scope of Services:

√  Reform of the enterprises;
√  RMB shares (A shares) issuing and listing;
√  Foreign invested shares (B shares) issuing and listing;
√  Overseas issuing and listing of foreign currency shares;
√  Employee stock option plan (ESOP) and management buy-out (MBO);
√  Fund and trust. 

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

We have expertise in a wide array of complex bankruptcy, insolvency, finance and restructuring matters, and represent a diverse group of domestic and international interests.

Scope of Services:

√  Bankruptcy liquidation and reconciliation;
√  Corporate restructuring;
√  Debt restructuring;
√  Risk management for financial institutes;
√  Filing bankruptcy applications.

Intellectual Property

We provide comprehensive services including counseling, litigation, dispute resolution and licensing transactions in copyright, trademark, trade secret and unfair competition matters.

Scope of Services:

√  Registration of trademarks in China and worldwide;
√  Trademark search; 
√  Trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings;
√  Trademark infringement and counterfeiting investigation;
√  Trademark protection through custom and administrative proceedings;
√  Registration of copyrights in China and worldwide, including copyright works,

    computer software, integrated circuit layout;
√  Copyright infringement investigation and litigation;
√  Unfair competition;
√  Trade secret and confidentiality agreement.