Practice Areas
General Corporate and Foreign
Our lawyers have assisted clients on large-scale commercial transactions that include the establishment of equity and co-operative joint ventures, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, and other investment arranges such as regional headquarters and holding companies in China. 
Real Estate
We offer expert service in all aspects of real estate acquisition, development, financing, investment, ownership, leasing, operation and construction. 
Employment and Human Resources
We offer corporate clients sophisticated, and cost-effective nationwide representation.
Mergers and Acquisitions
Our lawyers advise public companies, private equity and investment banks as well as smaller private companies in all business sectors in relation to disposals, and merger and acquisition transactions, corporate finance matters.
Banking and Finance
We provide sophisticated legal services to foreign and domestic banks, leasing companies, investment banks, and other financial institutions. 
Bankruptcy and Restructuring
We have expertise in a wide array of complex bankruptcy, insolvency, finance and restructuring matters, and represent a diverse group of domestic and international interests. 
Securities and Capital Markets
We advise issuers and underwriters on a broad range of domestic and international private and public offerings. We have established good working relations with securities regulators and stock exchanges of many countries and regions, as well as with renowned domestic and overseas investment banks, accounting firms and other service providers.
Intellectual Property
We provide comprehensive services including counseling, litigation, dispute resolution and licensing transactions in copyright, trademark, trade secret and unfair competition matters.
Dispute Resolution
We provide a full range of dispute resolution services in China and in China-related matters, including arbitration, litigation and mediation. 
  • Contract Fraud by Wang Xinming
    In an amount-based crime, if the accomplished part and the attempted part respectively correspond to different ranges of statutory penalties, whether to mitigate the punishment against the attempted part shall be firstly decided, and the range of statutory penalty corresponding to the attempted part shall be determined and then be compared with that to the accomplished part; the range of statutory penalty involving heavier punishment shall be selected for application and a heavier punishment shall be imposed according to the circumstances; if both parts are within the same range of sentencing, a heavier punishment shall be imposed due to accomplished crime according to the circumstances
  • Ningbo Branch of Bank of Wenzhou Co., Ltd. v. Zhejiang Chuangling Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. (Dispute over a Financial Loan Contract)
    With the existence of several maximum-amount guarantee contracts, where a specific loan contract lists selectively some of the maximum-amount guarantee contracts, if a debt arises in the settlement period as agreed by the maximum-amount guarantee contracts, and the relevant creditor does not expressly waive his her its right of guarantee, the guarantors under the other maximum-amount guarantee contracts that are not listed in the loan contract shall also assume guarantee liability within the maximum amount of obligation
  • Transactions carried out by Ma Le by Using Undisclosed Information
    From March 9, 2011 to May 30, 2013, the defendant Ma Le, as securities investment manager of Bosera Selective Stock under Bosera Fund Management Co , Ltd was responsible for the investment of investment funds in stock markets at sole discretion and mastered the underlying stocks, time and quantity of securities investment fund transactions of Bosera Selective Stock;
  • Anhui Branch of Agricultural Development Bank of China v. Zhang Dabiao and Anhui Changjiang Financing Guarantee Group Co,. Ltd. (Dispute over the Lawsuit to Object to Execution)
    If the parties concerned open a special guarantee deposit account for the pledged money as agreed and the pledgee acquires the possession and control of the special account, which conforms to the requirement for the specification of fund and transfer of possession, even if the balance in the account fluctuates, the establishment of the monetary pledge will not be affected
  • Chengdu Tongdefu Hechuan Peach Piece Co., Ltd. v. Chongqing Hechuan Tongdefu Peach Pieces Co., Ltd. and Yu Xiaohua (Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition Dispute)
    Where any individual or business having no relation with a time-honored brand advertises his her its product by using the history of the time-honored brand after he she it has the time-honored brand or a similar name registered as a trademark, such advertising shall be deemed as "false", thus constituting unfair competition.
Outbound Investment
There are both ample opportunities and challenges for Chinese enterprises’ overseas investments. From legal perspectives, investments shall focus on corporate governance, labor law, IP rights protection and tax plans related to overseas investments. Outside consultants’ expertise and experience will help solve practical problems. Prevention is always better than remedy.

The United States is still the most popular destination for Chinese investors. The invested industries have been diversified, including energy, commercial real estate, high-end manufacturing, medical and health areas and infrastructure, etc.. Investors shall conduct the examination and approval procedures for overseas investment in the United States. 

The African continent has become one target for Chinese enterprises’ going global strategy. The legal aspects of investments should not take a back seat simply because African countries have backward economies. Due to the underdevelopment of the legal systems in most African countries, the design of reasonable investment structure and due diligence on the subject matters are especially important.